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Age Management


Singapore’s population is ageing. The impact this has on our workforce is that there will be fewer young people entering the workforce, while more will be nearing retirement age.

Faced with a tight labour market, organisations have to adapt. Companies will need to make workplaces friendlier for older workers. Organisations need to put in place systems to manage their older workers and the interactions between younger and older workers. Employers must now recognise that the growing pool of experienced and skilled mature employees in Singapore can help them maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

What it is

Age management is a multi-disciplined approach to help you manage and assimilate mature employees in the organisation. It includes recruitment and selection policies, job redesign, flexible work arrangements, multi-generational workforce management, performance management and well-being programmes.

Why is it important?

There is a range of initiatives which enable workers to stay employed and work longer. In the end, however, employers play a critical role in helping older workers stay employed. This may mean redesigning jobs, adapting workplace practices and encouraging older workers to upgrade skills throughout their careers. However, at the heart of age management is the need for everyone –employers, co-workers, customers – to be aware of their own biases and stop stereotyping and discriminating based on age.  Such discrimination create barriers that prevent organisations from accessing and retaining the skills and talent they need.