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Age Management


Employment remains the best form of income security for older workers. So how can you, as an employer, help to make workplaces and jobs friendlier to older workers? Why not kick-start your plans for an age-friendly workplace with funds from WorkPro’s Age Management Grant, WorkPro’s Job Redesign Grant and Special Employment Credit (SEC)? Read on to find out.

WorkPro’s Age Management Grant
Are you finding it a challenge to attract and retain a knowledgeable and skilled pool of older workers? Tap on the Age Management Grant (a grant of up to $20,000 per company) under WorkPro to help you with the implementation of age management practices at your company.

WorkPro’s Job Redesign Grant
Redesigning your employees’ jobs and workplace processes may seem like a daunting task. The good news is you can now get through it by tapping on the Job Redesign Grant (up to $300,000 per company) under WorkPro. This grant will assist you in the creation of easier, safer and smarter jobs for older workers aged 50 years and above.

To learn more details on WorkPro’s Age Management Grant and Job Redesign Grant, visit the Workforce Singapore Agency and MOM websites or seek assistance from the appointed WorkPro Programme Partners.

Please note that SNEF and NTUC’s e2i are the only appointed Programme Partners for WorkPro. Companies can approach either one to apply for WorkPro. This service is provided at no cost to companies. Applications must be submitted directly by the companies. Third party applications through consultants or vendors will not be accepted. MOM, WSG, SNEF and NTUC’s e2i do not endorse any consultants or vendors and their services and products.

Hotline: 6290 7694
Email: workpro@snef.sg
NTUC's e2i
Hotline: 6474 0606
Email: followup@e2i.com.sg

Special Employment Credit (SEC)

Looking for support at hiring older Singaporean workers? Consider SEC, a scheme which provides you with continuing support to hire older Singaporean workers. Employers who hire Singaporean employees above 50 years old and earning up to $4,000 a month may receive SEC of up to 8% of the employee’s monthly wages. Payment will either be made via cheque or bank accounts registered with the CPF Board for CPF contributions.

For more information on Special Employment Credit, visit the SEC website or email sec@mom.gov.sg or contact the Central Provident Fund Board at 1800-2222-888.