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Have you wondered why you ask for certain information in your job application forms?

Do you know that Fair Hiring practices would include designing a fair Application Form?  You should ensure that any information you ask for in the Application Form must be relevant to the job in terms of skills, qualification and experience. This would make your job application form simpler and help you assess the candidate fairly and based on merit.

Here are some examples of what fair and progressive questions job application forms may carry:
a. For the post of Clerical Assistant: 
  • Whether the applicant has the required skills, such as literacy skills and familiarity with the use of IT applications; and 
  • Whether the applicant has experience in a similar job.
b. For the post of Goods Delivery Personnel: 
  • Whether the applicant has the required skills, such as the relevant class of driving licence; and 
  • Whether the applicant is able to carry heavy cargo.

In short, information about age, date of birth, gender, race, religion, marital status and family responsibilities should not be asked for in an application form. As NRIC details can be telling of age, if there are identification needs, you should accept as an alternative, passport details and provide the 'NRIC/Passport Number’ option in the form. If you need personal information, you can ask for it at point of job offer.  If you need to ask for this even before job offer, your job application form should state the reasons for such personal data collection, in the form.  

Take a look at a sample of a fair and progressive job application form, which you can download and customise for your own use.