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Business Benefits


Employers stand to benefit from reviewing the validity of any long-held assumptions about age that hold them back from tapping into what mature employees can contribute. By adopting age management practices at the workplace, you help to create an environment in which employees are able to achieve their potential without being disadvantaged by their age. The potential benefits to your organisation are great: an increase in employer branding, customer-satisfaction, productivity and a bigger talent pool.

The value of age to organisations

Better attitude translates to higher loyalty, commitment and a stronger work ethic.

Reduced turnover and absence costs. Mature workers have lower levels of turnover and absenteeism and (because they tend to be more experienced) need less training, resulting in reduced recruitment, absence and training costs. This leads to substantial savings.

Greater experiences and competences. Mature workers’ experience increase their ability to solve problems quickly and deal with crises. They have better knowledge of the business and ways of doing things, good transferable skills, make fewer mistakes, have a stronger skills base and better customer understanding.

Highly transferable skills. Mature workers were able to transfer their knowledge and experience to others, acting as mentors, coaches and trainers. Retaining older workers is seen to enable ‘retention of rich company knowledge’.

Find out how your organisation can deal with the growing presence of mature and older employees while still maintaining a competitive edge in Leading Practices for Managing Mature Employees.

Are you trying to hire mature talent for your organisation? Or are you a mature job seeker trying to get a job? Hiring the Silver Generation has suggestions for employers to enhance their ability to tap on mature talent as well as inputs for mature job seekers on how to enhance their employability.

Find out more about attitudes towards mature workers and the return on investment that mature workers bring in “The Value of Mature Workers to Organisations in Singapore”.