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Can We Have It All?


The Employer Alliance publication "Can We Have It All?" aims to highlight and showcase best practices by organisations which have successfully addressed work-life issues and trends. There are four main themes featured in the book:
Technology and Flexibility
Wired Up at Work by Mrs Joanna Koh-Hoe
(published in The Straits Times, CATS Recruit, 17 Aug 2010)
Creativity and Leadership
Leadership in a New Economy by Ms Tang Mun Har
(published in The Straits Times, CATS Recruit, 18 Aug 2010)
Trust and Loyalty
Developing a Culture of Trust by Ms Goh Wee Lee 
(published in The Straits Times, CATS Recruit, 19 Aug 2010)
Productivity and Human Capital
Maximising Productivity at Work by Mrs Helen Lim-Yang 
(published in The Straits Times, CATS Recruit, 20 Aug 2010)
Four Work-Life consultants contributed an article each to share their expert knowledge.
Each theme features three companies with outstanding Work-Life programmes and initiatives that best illustrate the relevance of the topic. These 12 organisations have demonstrated that work-life integration has proven to be a strong business case and is imperative in today's competitive economic landscape. Concepts, tools and useful tips for successful work-life implementation and policies are also featured in the book.