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CEI Contract Manufacturing Limited


Tapping into a Wealth of Experience

Contradicting conventional wisdom, CEI Contract Manufacturing Limited, a company that serves customers in the industrial equipment market segment, hired six mature employees this year and continues to see mature employees as an integral part of the company’s workforce. With their wealth of experience, mature employees in the company often double up as "teachers" to their younger colleagues who may have less working experience.

Mr Teng Jin Keng, a procurement engineer with CEI Contract Manufacturing Limited who is in his late 40s, shared, "We bring to the company our years of exposure and experience in the field and we help provide suggestions to enhance the business, as well as share our knowledge in helping to solve problems."

Dispelling the myth that mature employees are harder to train, Ms Chiam Li Li, CEI Contract Manufacturing Limited’s Senior Human Resource Manager, said, "With their vast experience, the learning and training curves for mature candidates can be shorter. Our policy of hiring mature employees has definitely helped CEI become much more competitive in today’s tight labour market." What this means for companies hiring experienced mature employees is that less time and resources are spent re-training them and that they can integrate into the job more seamlessly than expected.