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Departing from Tradition


A complaint was received by TAFEP concerning a job advertisement by a logistics firm which said it only wanted to hire men.

After being approached by TAFEP, the firm eventually understood that it was the ability to move boxes that was relevant to the job, and not the employee’s gender. The job advertisement was amended and the company agreed to consider hiring women although they had not previously done so.

To create a more inclusive environment, the company also introduced part-time shift hours and educated its male employees on appropriate workplace behaviour, such as being appropriately dressed at all times.

The firm’s eventual hiring of more women was a win-win outcome – helping the firm meet their workforce need and also providing income to these female employees. A learning point for the company was that effectively tapping on women for their operational needs was not just about amending their advertisement or agreeing to consider hiring women. Putting in place inclusive workplace practices was just as important.