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Developing A Singaporean Core - Case Study B


Michael was a former senior banker. He had found it unsatisfactory that the bank’s customer servicing department had a high proportion of employees of a specific background and that the management had appeared somewhat biased in its employee treatment.

The employer explained that their hires were supposed to develop and grow a specific client business segment. The employer was agreeable to taking steps to make reasonable efforts to attract and develop Singaporeans based on merits. Many local employees viewed that the bank’s hiring practices were on merit and there were also fair opportunities for employees to develop their careers and potential within the workplace.

To signal its commitment, the employer signed the Employers’ Pledge of Fair Employment Practices and took steps to build a local talent pipeline for the management and leadership positions in its business functions. It also took steps to improve its grievance handling procedures and internal communications so that employees would feel assured about sharing concerns in a supportive and safe environment. The employer also embarked on an employee awareness programme on the benefits of cultural diversity.