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Ensuring that everyone is aligned to the company’s values


Raj, who is over 50 years old, came to TAFEP upset as he had gone for a job interview and was told that he was unsuitable as he was too old. With Raj’s consent, TAFEP approached the security firm to hear the firm’s side of what had happened.

The employer said that they welcomed candidates of all ages. The employer believed that the miscommunication may have arisen from a temporary staff member who was not adequately briefed on the firm’s values and approach in hiring. The employer was willing to reconsider the applicant and had separately, on their own accord, approached e2i for suitable candidates including those who are more mature.

The employer proffered their sincere apologies on the job seeker’s experience. From this case, it is apparent that while the top management may accept the benefits of fair and merit-based employment, it was also important for those representing the firm in dealing with job seekers to be also made aware of the firm’s values and approach to avoid misunderstandings.