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Examples of Non-Discriminatory Interview Questions


1. Questions on qualifications
a. When was the last time you attended a course of study, workshop or seminar?
b. What is your highest level of education?
c. What was your specific field of study?
2. Questions on job skills
a. What are some of your core skills?
b. What do you think are the skills requirement for the job you are applying?
c. How competent are you in operating computers? What software are you familiar with?
3. Questions on job experience
a. What did you do in the last five years?
b. What were the challenges in your past experience as a (Job title)?
c. How experienced are you in handling customers?
4. Questions on analytical skills
a. You are required to give a 10 minutes presentation on what you would do as a manager in the event of a fire in your office, what are the issues that you would include in your presentation?
b. What would you do to increase productivity in your department? How would you carry out the tasks?
c. Tell us what you would do if you were to start your career all over again.
5. Questions on willingness to work in a team
a. Who are your team members in your present job? What is your working relationship with each of them?
b. Tell us the challenges you faced when you were working with a team.
c. How many work teams have you worked with over the last two years? What distinctive strengths and weaknesses have you seen in the team members?
6. Questions on passion for job and company
a. What are the goals and objectives of your present company? Do you know our company’s
goals and objectives?
b. How long have you been looking for a new job? How long have you been on your last job?
7. Questions on integrity
a. What are three adjectives that others would use to describe you?
b. What does integrity mean to you?
c. How would you respond if you were to discover that a co-worker is using the office
phone for personal long distance calls?
8. Questions on self confidence
a. When was the last time you were given a task that was beyond your scope of work? Tell us about that situation.
b. What would you do if you were retrenched from your company?
c. How confident are you to perform the job that you have applied for?
9. Questions on self development
a. When did you last enroll in a course of study, e.g. attending seminars, workshops and lectures?
b. What training courses, seminars and workshops will you be attending in the next
12 months?
c. Do you think it is important to continue learning throughout one’s lifetime? Why?
10. Questions on travel
a. This job might require you to travel overseas more than 50% of the time. Would that be fine with you?
b. One of the challenges in this job is making frequent trips out of Singapore on short
notices. Will you be able to handle this?
c. How much overseas travelling do you do in your present job?
11. Questions on working long hours
a. The job involves handling customers’ complaints and following up with these 
complaints. Very often, you have to stay back late to complete the tasks. Would it be a problem for you to work long hours, e.g. staying till 9 pm?
b. What are the working hours like in your present job?
12. Questions on handling heavy equipment
a. You are required to carry heavy objects / materials (About 20 kilograms) in this job. Can you handle that?
b. There are often times when you have to climb steep stairs on site visits which are in the open. Are you able and willing to do that?
c. Do you have to carry heavy items in your present job? What is the heaviest item that you have carried during the course of your work?
13. Questions on foreign languages
a. You will be dealing with Chinese speaking customers most of the time. Many of them are unable to speak English. Can you communicate with them in Mandarin?
b. We have many customers who are Malay speaking. They do not speak English. Would you have problems speaking with them in Malay?
c. This job will require you to correspond with our clients from China. Are you able to reply to emails in Chinese?
14. Questions on handling bigger roles and leadership
a. If you are a supervisor and one of your subordinates is uncooperative and refuse to take instructions from you, what would you do?
b. Tell us of an incident of misconduct by a subordinate of yours. What did you do? What was the outcome?
c. What have you done in the last 12 months to upgrade yourself in terms of knowledge, skills and expertise?
15. Questions on experience
a. Tell me about a specific area of responsibility that you have enjoyed most.
b. In view of the position that we are offering, tell me about your relevant experience.
c. What have you learned from the jobs you have had?
16. Emotional questions
a. Give me an example of a crisis situation you were involved in. What did you do?
b. Tell me about a time when you were very angry at the workplace. What did you do?
c. Has there been a time when a person’s anger was misdirected at you. How did
you react?
17. Questions on adaptability
a. How do you establish good working relationships with people?
b. If you were to be offered this position, how do you imagine you would spend your first two weeks on the job?
c. Tell me about the most difficult job-related task you have faced.
18. Interpersonal questions
a. How do you give your subordinates negative feedback?
b. How important was communication and interaction with others in your last job? What did you do to be effective?
c. Were you ever a member / leader of a team in a professional setting? How did you perform in that role?
19. Questions on competencies
a. How did you gain your knowledge of this industry / company?
b. Other than the requisite skills, what other skills do you have that would help you perform this job well?
c. What do you know about our organisation?