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Thasha, a multi-lingual Indian Singaporean with childhood education qualifications, was excited when she came across a job advertisement for part-time lecturers. She made a trip to the office to submit her job application. However, while at the counter, Thasha was upset when she heard one of the firm’s frontline staff remarking in Mandarin to a colleague that Thasha’s job application would not stand much of a chance as she was “dark-skinned”. The staff did not know that Thasha could understand Mandarin.

Thasha alerted TAFEP, who in turn contacted the employer to hear the employer’s side of what had happened. The employer apologised for the frontline staff’s remarks which they acknowledged was both incorrect and insensitive. They agreed that the situation could have been avoided if their staff, especially those involved in dealing with new potential hires, were more aware of the firm’s value and commitment to fair and merit-based employment practices. The employer was apologetic for Thasha’s experience and invited her to consider re-applying for the job although in the end, Thasha’s preference was to explore other alternative job options.