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Managing Interviews Professionally


Nora was looking to upgrade herself and join a large organisation. A potential employer had expressed interest to employ her through an agency. As she was required to start soon, she resigned shortly upon the agency’s advice.

On the appointed day of signing the contract, Nora learnt that the contract signing and start date would be postponed. To her further dismay, a day before reporting for work, she then learnt of the employer’s headcount freeze. She was assured by the agency of an alternative job offer. However, despite Nora’s interview run-arounds, the agency failed to deliver their promise and then became uncontactable.

Nora was distressed by how her job search was being handled and by the interviewer’s comments about her dental braces. Nora regretted that she had left her job and feared that without an income, her savings for her studies would soon be gone.

TAFEP advised the agency to use objective job criteria and that both the job and employment terms should be firm before making candidates a job offer. The agency appreciated the concerns. Nora received a job offer from the agency within the same week.