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McDonald's sets clear strategic objectives to provide its employees with improvement opportunities at all levels.

One group that the company reaches out to are employees who wish to convert their time with McDonald's into a long-term career. For this group, development programmes were specially developed with opportunities for career growth. This is captured in the vision statement and slogan: "Every crew can be a Manager".

Another group are employees who choose to work at McDonald's as their "first job" or on a part-time basis. To add value to their stay with the company, portable service skills training are provided — skills that will continue to help them as they continue with their careers within, or outside of the company.

The guiding principle at McDonald's is to treat all staff with fairness, dignity and respect and to create a work environment that supports both employee needs and enhances customer service.

McDonald's also has established learning and development paths for all employees to ensure that they are provided with the necessary training and tools based on their ability and the requirements of the job for career development and growth.

MacDonald's employees are encouraged to expand their skills and experience levels. Of the seven CEOs who have been with McDonald's Corporation, three of them started as a crew member. In Singapore, more than half of the managers started as crew members.

Jeffrey Tan joined McDonald’s in 1979 at age 20 as a part-time crew at the first McDonald's restaurant at Liat Towers, and quickly rose through the ranks with his dedication and passion for the business. Jeffrey left McDonald's Singapore as Senior Director of Operations in 2007 and is currently tasked with heading operations in McDonald's Malaysia. The ketchup in his veins continues to flow strong and steady.