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Employer Best Practice Case Studies


Coherent Singapore

Coherent Singapore’s effective work-life culture has made a positive and tangible impact on its business. Being the regional manufacturing centre of lasers for commercial and scientific research applications and also an international procurement base, having a comprehensive work-life strategy is a strong business imperative for Coherent Singapore to engage and retain employees.

Read about Coherent’s ‘10Cs of Work-Life Integration’, and how through consistent communication of the importance of work-life integration and implementing effective measures, they have shown that a strong work-life culture can positively impact business results.

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Darul Ghufran Mosque

Recruiting and retaining talented employees is a challenge in every industry, particularly for non-profit organisations. The management at Darul Ghufran counters this by providing a high standard of staff welfare and an effective work-life strategy that helps employees to manage their careers and personal lives effectively.

Read how with strategic planning and strong management support, Darul Ghufran mosque has made it possible to create an effective people management framework that offers opportunities for work-life integration and boosts employees’ engagement at work – even with a limited budget.

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Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore

With strong leadership and strategic HR support, the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) has devised a successful holistic work-life strategy that gives the organisation an edge in a competitive hiring environment. The organisation generally maintains a higher staff retention rate compared to the industry average.

Read about IDA’s work-life strategy, which is embedded within its talent engagement framework, and its 3-pronged approach: creating a supportive work-life culture; the “Live a SMART Life” Programme; and creating a conducive physical work environment.

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Land Transport Authority of Singapore

LTA has a well-articulated work-life strategy that provides a holistic framework that supports employees' overall well-being and enables them to maximise productivity and efficiency, both at work and in their personal lives. There is also a comprehensive slew of work-life initiatives available to ensure that employees at different life stages have equitable access to work-life integration.

Read about LTA's performance management framework and how with organisational leadership and information management strategies, LTA has an effective and relevant work-life strategy in place to realise their goal of creating a people-centred land transport system.

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Unity NTUC Healthcare

Work-life initiatives are an intrinsic part of the employee engagement process at Unity Healthcare and have a positive impact on the business. The organisation has reaped tangible benefits including ease of hiring new employees as well as a high retention of quality talent. With a substantial proportion of their employees in customer-facing roles, having an engaged and motivated workforce also directly impacts in-store service.
Read how with the management and HR working in tandem, Unity Healthcare’s work-life success has greatly benefitted both its employees and the business.

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As a non-profit organisation serving disadvantaged members of society, AWWA has a unique set of employee challenges - jobs in this sector can be physically and emotionally strenuous, and the risk of burn-out is high. AWWA's creative solution of offering work-life options has proven to be an excellent strategy in finding and keeping the best talent.

Read what makes AWWA's work-life strategy effective: starting with a positive work-life culture from strong buy-in from its leaders, they are supported by flexibility enablers such as IT tools and infrastructure, having practices to measure the efficacy of flex initiatives, carrying out workforce planning exercises and instituting a comprehensive performance management system that make it work.

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In line with Cerebos' philosophy that "happy employees result in productive employees", it has put in place many innovative and bold work-life measures to create an environment where employees feel cared for, valued and are motivated at work. This has resulted in the positive business outcomes that Cerebos has experienced.

Cerebos has identified Human Resource (HR) as one of the areas in which it aims to be recognised for its best practices in the industry, and quality work-life practices is one of its HR strategies. Read about Cerebos' Quality Work-Life programme, supported by leadership, information management and people strategies that make it a success.

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Read how as a global leader in the IT industry, Cisco's transformative flexibility practices have proven to be an effective retention strategy, and also enable the company to attract quality employees who will deliver stellar results for their clients. This is especially noteworthy in the current work environment where IT-savvy millennials are entering the workforce, and looking for innovative solutions to meld their personal and career ambitions.

Cisco has also gained recognition on a wider platform, receiving the 2013 HRM award for the Best Use of Technology. As the company strengthened its commitment to Work-Life practices, Cisco has evolved from having just 80% of its sales and marketing staff on flexible work arrangements to having a fully flexible workforce in 2013.

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Citi Singapore

Citi Singapore's commitment to creating a healthy flexible working culture has given them an edge in a competitive industry. Employees are more engaged at work and give their professional best to meet client needs, as they appreciate the Work-Life integration initiatives that enable them to pursue personal responsibilities and interests.

Read about its Citi Work Strategies Programme, a comprehensive formalised Work-Life framework, supported by leadership, information management and performance management strategies that play important roles in embedding flexibility in the company's DNA.

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By offering work-life initiatives that allow employees to perform their personal best in every arena of life, Equinix has nurtured a team of highly dedicated and motivated staff who will go the extra mile for the company - Equinix has also seen strong business growth of 30% per annum. This company has achieved its aim of creating a work environment in which employees can 'work and have fun'.

Read about Equinix's leadership strategy and the ripple effect of their positive work-life culture, information management strategies that empower employees with tools to achieve their best at work and in their personal lives, and performance management strategies, all of which support their work-life initiatives.

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Fuji Xerox Singapore

Fuji Xerox Singapore (FXS) recognises that engagement levels have a direct impact on productivity and organizational performance. Their work-life programmes are implemented as part of its employee engagement strategy, with the aim of building bonds and strengthening relationships between colleagues, and between employees and the organisation. FXS's retention rate is testimony to this, for it epitomises the concept of ties that bind.

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Investing in people development, training and culture building is a key strategy Hilti employs to ensure organisational success. Winning AON Hewitt's Best Employers award in Singapore for three consecutive times in 2009, 2011 & 2013 attests to its success.

Read about Hilti's work-life strategy, supported by its 'Great Place to Work' Wheel, a framework which encapsulates the different strategies the organisation has to attract and retain its talent. Its strong work-life culture is also exemplified daily by leaders who walk-the-talk, engage and coach their staff, and supported by rigorous organisational policies and practices.

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The shortage of manpower in the retail sector is a constant challenge, but firms such as Home-Fix has taken an innovative approach to address the issues of recruitment and retention. The introduction of a 5-day work week, professional management of part-timers; and engagement of its line managers are some of the factors for its success.

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In a sector characterised by high employee turnover and manpower shortage, Marché® has found the keys to keeping its recruitment and training costs low.

Read about Marché®'s exemplary people practices across the value chain, from its recruitment practices, to flexible working schedules, employing effective people management practices and dedicating HR resources to maintain employer-employee relationships.

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Read how as an employer, Polycom has harnessed its IT expertise to create a flexible working environment that offers employees full mobility to work in a manner that maximises their personal efficiency and results in Work-Life integration for everyone.

Polycom Singapore was a recipient of the 'Best Companies for Mums 2013' award organised by NTUC, WDS and TAFEP. The company has also seen a rise in productivity - as employees know they will be assessed on their ability to deliver specific outcomes rather than the number of hours clocked in the office; motivating them to perform efficiently at work.

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Ramada and Days Hotels Singapore at Zhongshan Park

Hiring and retaining quality talent who will positively impact the bottom-line is an ever-present challenge for companies in the service industry. In the on-going manpower crunch, the Ramada and Days Hotels Singapore have successfully differentiated themselves as Employers of Choice.

Read how by offering flexibility initiatives coupled with innovative talent management schemes, Ramada and Days Hotels Singapore ensure that their associates are equipped to achieve optimal Work-Life integration – delivering their best at work and in their personal lives.

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Characterist LLC

Characterist LLC's flexible arrangements enable employees to meet their personal and family needs outside the workplace, resulting in successful people strategies and a productive work culture.

Read how Characterist's corporate culture evolved from a two-way iterative process between management and staff: a bottom up influence of employees' beliefs on the corporate values system, and a top down organisational embracement of values and making them guiding principles for strategy; resulting in effective work-life practices benefitting both the firm and staff.

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National Environment Agency

Recognising the value and potential of older workers, the National Environment Agency (NEA) is ahead of most companies in the older workforce management curve. 

Read about NEA's innovative work-life programmes and practices for older employees.

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Philips Lumileds

Work-life strategy implementation needs to be supported and integrated with other effective HR systems such as a robust performance management system for work-life initiatives to be successful.

Read how Philips Lumileds takes a holistic and “back-to-basics” approach to create a sustainable work-life culture in the organisation. A key learning point is the importance of laying strong foundations - such as equipping supervisors with management skills and creating a robust performance management culture.

Philips also has a compressed work week for their production operators on shift – enabling them to enjoy longer stretches of time for their personal pursuits.

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Raffles Institution

Raffles Institution (RI)’s work-life programmes and policies were developed to meet the three broad themes of variety, flexibility and choice. It is heartening that the same passion RI has for educating generations of students is the same dedication it shows in caring for its staff.

Read about how RI uses a variety of flexible arrangements to engage and retain talent, and to be an employer of choice in a tight labour market.

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Goldman Sachs

Read how Goldman Sachs’ creative Work-Life programmes has earned its reputation as Employer of Choice in the banking industry. In the war for talent, Goldman Sachs understands that their people are their number one asset, therefore, the firm strives to create an inclusive environment that enables flexibility through the support of management and engendering a culture to minimize work-family conflict and assist with staff retention.

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Premier Law LLC

Read how a boutique Law firm considers its small employment size an advantage to meeting its staff’s Work-Life needs and how this has helped to foster an attitude of trust and openness in the firm. The secret to Premier Law’s success lies in its efficient, driven team of employees. The management’s genuine desire to meet employees’ needs is evident as they exercise great flexibility in allowing staff to advance in their careers without sacrificing personal goals.

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Public Utilities Board (PUB)

Read how PUB’s Targeted Work-Life Programmes for its Older Employees has resulted in happy employees who are highly engaged as shown in its Employee Opinion Survey. Recognising that labour shortage is a looming crisis, coupled with an ageing population and a declining birth rate, PUB is introducing measures to better capitalise the capabilities of its mature workforce and engages them by promoting Work-Life initiatives that encourage active ageing.

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Sheraton Towers

For Sheraton Towers, Work-Life strategy is not an afterthought, but an integral part of its culture. The essence of Sheraton’s Work-Life strategy is to make the workplace a home away from home for its staff.
Read how the senior Management at Sheraton Towers built a sustainable caring culture by according the same genuine care and concern for its staff as it would to its guests. This has translated into a low monthly turnover rate of 2.9% for Sheraton Towers as compared to the industry standard of 4.4%.

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Cargo Community Network

Read how CCN successfully sets itself apart from its competitors by creating an employee-focused workplace to meet its staff’s needs. Besides fostering a trust-based culture at CCN, one of the key factors in ensuring staff retention in the competitive, knowledge-based I.T. organisation lies in the management's continuous push for its Work-Life initiatives.

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Alexandra Health

Learn how AH’s leverage on the experience and skills of its older employees has translated into a high level of patient care and service. Alexandra Health (AH) recognises that people are its greatest asset. With a significant proportion of employees aged 40 years and above, it seeks to harness its knowledge-based workforce with a wealth of healthcare experience by aligning its Work-Life strategy to its overall talent management strategy.

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Through practices such as a strict weekend-free policy, its annual travel award to facilitate family bonding, and other programmes, the second generation management team at BusAds has leveraged on its Work-Life Strategy to attract and retain talent.

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DBS Bank

With the recent opening of DBS Asia Hub, the bank is poised to become a progressive customer-centric centre. Besides investing in a high-tech work environment, the management of DBS is also strongly committed to creating a flexible work culture as a talent retention and business strategy.  Read what makes the biggest local bank in Singapore continue to remain an employer of choice!

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Read on how an SME retains its talents by incorporating a Work-Life culture in its workplace! Providend's strong advocacy of Work-Life programmes has resulted in a dedicated and loyal team.

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JK Corporate Services

The cornerstones of JK Corporate Services’ Work-Life Integration success are open communication and realistic workload management.

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Rajah & Tann LLP

Quick turnaround and sheer volume of work are common grouses that are heard in the legal profession. Read how Rajah & Tann made Work-Life possible for its staff in one of the most demanding and challenging professions.

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SingTel's centralised HR policies and decentralised implementation approach enable it to successfully meet all the different life needs of its diversified workforce.

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The GMP Group

GMP's flat organisational hierarchy and open-door policy enable employees to approach supervisors and management about their Work-Life needs and provide feedback on existing initiatives.

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Xcellink Pte Ltd

Besides a culture of accountability, responsibility and trust, one of the key components to making Work-Life implementation a success at Xcellink is a model shift from an activity-centric to a result-centric one. 

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