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Human Capital Partnership Programme


The Singapore Workforce is made up of two-thirds locals and one-third foreigners. Human Capital Partnership (HCP) Programme is a tripartite initiative that brings together a community of employers who are committed to grow their businesses and stay competitive by having progressive employment practices, and developing their human capital. This programme aims to achieve 3 major outcomes:

1. Stronger Singaporean Core by investing in the development of local employees across all levels. 

2. Stronger complementarity between local and foreign employees. 

3. Skills transfer from foreign to local employees to enhance capabilities.

Human capital development is not only essential for our economy to remain competitive and for Singaporeans to continue to have better jobs, better salaries and better careers but is also a crucial element for businesses to attract and retain talent. Human Capital Partners (HCPartners) will focus on developing the skills and knowledge of their employees at different career stages and share their best practices with other firms so that we can grow a community of employers.