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Company names begin with "C"

1. ClickAcademy Asia Pte Ltd
2. CCL Impex (S) Pte. Ltd.
4. Chip Huat
5. Casuarina Curry Banana Leaf Pte. Ltd.
6. CTR Management Services Pte Ltd
8. Cambridge CDC @ BT Pte. Ltd.
9. Createsoft Group Pte. Ltd.
10. Childhood Builder Preschool Pte. Ltd.
13. ChannelWerkz Pte. Ltd.
15. Crown Beverage Cans Singapore Pte. Ltd.
17. Costsavers Lighting Pte. Ltd.
21. Carlin Mgt Consultants Pte. Ltd.
22. Chicken Hotpot (S) Pte. Ltd.
24. Clovex Pte. Ltd.
26. Chen Ho Plastic Pte. Ltd.
31. Capital Consulting Int Singapore Pte. Ltd.
32. CLD Beauty Salon Pte. Ltd.
34. Communication Services Pte. Ltd.
36. CBL Aircon Engineering Pte. Ltd.
40. Cornices Industry
43. CMA Holdings Pte. Ltd.
44. Contrac-Image Trading Pte Ltd
45. Central Laundry Pte Ltd
48. CS International Employment Service Pte. Ltd.
61. Chevalier Singapore Holdings Pte. Ltd.
62. Chemical Industries (Far East) Limited
65. Chiu Teng Construction Co. Pte. Ltd.
66. Cornerstone Enrichment Pte. Ltd.
68. Coopers Hill Singapore Pte. Ltd.
69. CH Sim Trading
72. Clean Central Pte. Ltd.
74. Chong Seng Consultants Pte. Ltd.
77. CYY Recruitment Pte. Ltd.
84. CMP Consultants Private Limited
85. CBM Security Pte. Ltd.
94. Catering Solutions Pte. Ltd.
95. China Life Insurance (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
96. Coens Energy Pte. Ltd.
102. Changi Airport Fuel Hydrant Installation Pte. Ltd.
104. CannonsN'Tulips Pte. Ltd.
106. Crely Healthcare Pte. Limited
109. City Satay (Food Industry) Pte Ltd
111. Cla Construction Pte. Ltd.
112. Click Pte. Ltd.
115. Chugai Pharmabody Research Pte. Ltd.
116. Command Recruitment Group (Singapore) Pte. Limited
117. CMC Markets Singapore Pte. Ltd.
118. Chong Chia & Lim LLC
120. Common Wash & Fit Pte. Ltd.
122. CU Education Services Singapore Pte Ltd
126. Cyrus Technology (S) Pte. Ltd.
127. City International Trading Pte. Ltd.
132. C&C Combine Singapore Co., Pte. Ltd.
138. Clover Films Pte. Ltd.
141. Cyanide Films Asia Pte. Ltd.
142. Chuan Pictures Pte. Ltd.
143. Cosmic Ultima Pictures LLP
147. C S H Contract Services
149. Clarivate Analytics (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
151. Cyberoptics (Singapore) Private Limited
157. Cameron (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
159. Covenant Chambers LLC
162. CFA Society Singapore
167. Changchun Floral Pte. Ltd.
169. Cast Marine Offshore Pte. Ltd.
172. Chertsey Engineering Pte. Ltd.
176. Capital Manpower Solution Pte. Ltd.
177. C&S Combine Pte. Ltd.
181. CDS Studio Pte. Ltd.
183. Cantel Medical Asia/Pacific Pte. Ltd.
185. Companion Animal Surgery Pte Ltd
187. CEM Engineering Pte. Ltd.
191. CEF Electronic Pte. Ltd.
193. Cherry Pink Pte Ltd
195. Choo Eng Trading
196. Cargoways Shipping Pte Ltd
197. CLS Transportation & Trading Pte Ltd
198. Chang Tai Chiang Hardware Pte Ltd
199. CGNPC Solar-Biofuel Power (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
200. Chang Cheng Group Pte Ltd
201. China Tangshan Chinese Pharmaceutical Co
202. Creative Beverage Ingredients Pte. Ltd.
203. CIMB Securities (Singapore) Pte Ltd
204. CIMB Research Pte Ltd
205. Chin Sin Precision Engineering Pte Ltd
206. Conet Printing
207. CNS Electrical Pte Ltd
208. Coty Asia Pte. Ltd.
209. Cola Food Pte. Ltd.
211. CBS Ventures Pte. Ltd.
213. Careshop de Cafe Holdings Pte Ltd
214. Container Connections Pte. Ltd.
215. Cafe Express Pte. Ltd.
219. CXC Singapore Pte. Ltd.
220. Character Montessori Pemimpin Pte. Ltd.
222. Canton Paradise Pte. Ltd.
223. Cofely South East Asia Pte. Ltd.
230. Classic Furniture Design and Renovation Works
233. Carpe Diem @ ITE Pte. Ltd.
234. Cheng Heng Paper Products Co (Pte) Ltd
235. C and BW Graphic Arts System
236. Chung Hwa Food Industries Private Limited
237. China Aviation Oil (Singapore) Corporation Ltd
238. Chan Yew Leather Bags Manufacturer
240. Corrotec Pte Ltd
241. Chong City Air-Con & Electrical Pte Ltd
243. Chien Chi Tow Healthcare Pte Ltd
244. Chua Bros Transportation Pte Ltd
246. Creative Mind Design Pte Ltd
247. Chuan Seng Huat Liquors & Trading
248. Clarity Accounting Pte. Ltd.
249. Champz School House Pte Ltd
250. Crimsons Pharma Pte Ltd
251. Century Evergreen Pte Ltd
253. China Harbour (Singapore) Engineering Company Pte. Ltd.
254. Chun Cheng Fishery Enterprise Pte Ltd
255. Carat Media Services Singapore Pte Ltd
257. CrestSA Marine & Offshore Pte. Ltd.
258. Crest Subsea International Pte Ltd
259. CSI Offshore Pte Ltd
260. Cyberland International Education Centre
262. Cavi-Busway Pte. Ltd.
263. Century Global Pte. Ltd.
264. Cretel Food Equipment Pte Ltd
265. Combat Durian Pte. Ltd.
266. C & C Press
271. Coral Sea Wellness Centre
273. CDL Trading Pte. Ltd.
274. Carona Fast Food Pte Ltd
276. Candyland Beauty Centre
279. Chuan Machinery Pte Ltd
281. Cozy Spa Private Ltd.
288. Cheng Xin ShipManagement Pte. Ltd.
290. Cisco Systems (USA) Pte. Ltd.
291. Chromatic Media Pte. Ltd.
294. Corporate Mission Employment Centre
300. CFJ Management Pte. Ltd.
302. CSS Industrial Pte Ltd
303. CB&I Singapore Pte. Ltd.
305. Certis CISCO Auxiliary Police Force Pte. Ltd.
306. Call Lade Enterprises Pte Ltd
307. Chyra Group Pte Ltd
308. City Life Advertising Pte Ltd
309. Coffee Club Pte Ltd