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Company names begin with "F"

1. F J (S) Pte. Ltd.
5. F.S. Freight Systems Pte Ltd
7. F5 Wellness Pte. Ltd.
9. Fabulous Printers Pte Ltd
10. Facilitating Results Pte. Ltd.
11. Facility Link Pte Ltd
12. Fair Euro Realty Pte Ltd
13. Fairmont, Singapore
14. Faith Bereavement Pte. Ltd.
15. Faithful+Gould Pte. Limited
18. Family Leisure Pte Ltd
22. Far East Hospitality Management (S) Pte. Ltd
23. Far East Management (Private) Limited
24. Far East Orchard Limited
25. Far East Organization Centre Pte. Ltd.
26. Far East Packaging Industrial Pte. Ltd.
27. Far East Retail Consultancy Pte. Ltd.
28. Far East Spring Pte. Ltd.
29. Far Eastern Bank Limited
30. Farle Enterprise Pte Ltd
35. Fast Retailing (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
37. Fast-Del Enterprises Pte Ltd
38. Fasten Enterprises (Pte.) Limited
41. Fatt Restaurant & Catering
42. Fatty Aunt
45. Fayidha Restaurant Pte. Ltd.
46. FCA Production Services
48. FCI Connectors Singapore Pte. Ltd.
49. FCm Singapore Pte Ltd
51. Feb 29
53. Federal Express (Singapore) Pte Ltd
55. Federal Hardware Engineering Co. Pte Ltd
57. Federal Offshore Services Pte Ltd
59. Fedex Trade Networks Transport & Brokerage (Singapore) Private Limited
60. Fei Yue Family Service Centre
64. Feng Bo Zhuang F&B Pte Ltd
66. Feng Sheng Air Conditioning
67. Feng Sheng Metal Works Private Limited
68. Fengmei Hardware & Engineering Co
70. Fervour Pte. Ltd.
71. Festo Private Limited
72. Ficus Trading Pte Ltd
73. Fiducia LLP
74. Field Catering & Supplies Pte Ltd
75. Fiji Foot Reflexology
80. Fine Skill Enterprise Pte Ltd
81. Fircroft Pte. Ltd.
82. Firdouse Electronics Pte Ltd
84. Firefly Photography Pte. Ltd.
85. Fireforge Pte. Ltd.
86. Firmatrade
87. First Capital Insurance Limited
91. First Data Asia Pte Ltd
95. First Port Global Pte. Ltd.
96. First Security & Private Investigation (S) Pte Ltd
98. Firstcom Engineering Pte Ltd
99. Fish & Co. Restaurants Pte. Ltd.
104. FJ Technical Pte. Ltd.
105. FKT Accounting and Assurance (China) Pte. Ltd.
106. Flashdeal Holdings Pte. Ltd.
108. Flasky Engineering Pte. Ltd.
109. Flavorium Pte. Ltd.
111. Fleetwinch Control Pte Ltd
112. Fleischhacker LLP
114. Flexifair Secretarial Pte. Ltd.
121. Floorrich Global Pte Ltd
123. Floway Technology
124. Flowserve Pte Ltd
125. Fluxym Apac Pte. Ltd.
128. FMC Technologies Global Services Pte. Ltd.
129. FN Manpower Services
130. Foamtec (Singapore) Pte Ltd
131. FOC Holdings Pte. Ltd.
135. Focus Management Services Pte. Ltd.
136. Focus On The Family Singapore Limited
137. Focus Security Services Pte. Ltd.
138. Fong Hsiang Enterprise Co Pte Ltd
139. Fong Seasons Enterprise Pte. Ltd.
140. Fong Seasons Private Limited
141. Fong Yit Kaya Pte Ltd
143. Font Talent Pte. Ltd.
145. Foo Kon & Tan Consultants Pte Ltd
146. Foo Kon Tan LLP
147. Food & Spice Co Pte Ltd
148. Food Canopy Pte. Ltd.
149. Food Concept Asia Pte Ltd
150. Food District Pte. Ltd.
153. Food Pavilion Pte. Ltd.
154. Food Value
155. Foodhub @ Chai Chee
157. Foodpanda Singapore Pte. Ltd.
158. FoodScape Holdings Pte. Ltd.
159. Footprints Investments Pte. Ltd.
160. Force-One Security Pte. Ltd.
162. Format M & E Services Pte Ltd
165. Fort Vale Pte. Ltd.
167. Fortrust Security & Investigations Pte. Ltd.
168. Fortune PR Singapore Pte. Ltd.
170. Foster Electric (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
171. Fotia Pte. Ltd.
172. Fotohub Commercial Pte Ltd
175. Foundation Of Rotary Clubs (Singapore) Ltd
177. Four Points by Sheraton Singapore, Riverview
178. Four Seasons Durians Pte Ltd
179. Four Seasons Gourmet Market Pte. Ltd.
181. Four Seasons Organic Market Pte. Ltd.
185. Frames Entertainment Pte. Ltd.
186. Franciscan Missionaries Of Mary
194. French Collection Trading
195. French Food Factory Pte. Ltd.
196. Fresh & Clean Laundry And Drycleaning Pte. Ltd.
199. Fresver Beauty Pte. Ltd.
200. Freudenberg Oil & Gas Pte. Ltd.
201. Friday Pictures Pte. Ltd.
202. Friends Alley Restaurants Pte. Ltd.
203. Friends Catering Services Pte. Ltd.
204. Friend'z Hair Studio
206. Frontken (Singapore) Pte Ltd
207. Frontline Security Pte. Ltd.
210. FS Management Dot.com Pte Ltd
212. FTL Group Pte. Ltd.
213. Fu Kee Restaurant LLP
214. Fu Lin Cafe Pte. Ltd.
215. Fu Lin Group Pte. Ltd.
216. Fu Nan Traditional Chinese Medicine Centre
217. Fu Yu Corporation Limited
218. Fuel Accessory Service Technologies Pte Ltd
219. Fugro Singapore Pte. Ltd.
224. Fujifilm (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
225. Fujifilm Hunt Chemicals Singapore Pte. Ltd.
226. Fujitec Singapore Corporation Ltd
228. Full Band Pte. Ltd.
229. Fullmark Pte. Ltd.
233. Funland Educare Centre
234. Fura Metal Works Pte. Ltd.
235. Furama City Centre Singapore
236. Furama Riverfront Singapore
237. Furen International School
241. Futari Mechanical Engineering And Design Pte. Ltd.
242. Futurebooks Singapore Pte Ltd
243. Futurecart Pte. Ltd.
244. Futurestep (Singapore) Pte Limited
245. Fuyuan Industrial Services Pte. Ltd.
248. FY Institute Of Technology (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
249. Fyno Precision Pte. Ltd.