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Procurement Of Services From Media Freelancers



The project-based nature of the media industry lends itself to freelancing. It is common practice for companies to procure the services of media freelancers to meet the needs of the specific projects.

The Tripartite Standard on the Procurement of Services from Media Freelancers is intended to encourage fair and progressive employment practices by companies and to provide better support for media freelancers.


  1. Written Contract
    A written contract between contracting parties are agreed upon and acknowledged before the commencement of the service rendered. The written contract includes the following basic contract terms:

    1. Names of contracting parties;
    2. Nature of services to be provided by the media freelancer/s;
      1. Details of services that include deliverables; duration; location
    3. Payment
      1. What is included in the fee
      2. Payment milestones with clearly specified payment period;
      3. Amount of interest charged for late payment calculated from the agreed payment milestone upon the company’s receipt of the invoice from the media freelancer/s.
    4. How both parties can vary or terminate the contract terms;
    5. What information is to be kept confidential;
    6. Disputes will be settled via negotiation and mediation first;
    7. Where relevant, clear terms on ownership of intellectual property.
  2. Timely Payment
    Media freelancers are paid in accordance with the agreed payment period upon payment milestones being met as stipulated in the written contract. If no payment milestone dates are provided in the contract, the media freelancers are paid, no later than 45 days upon the company’s receipt of the invoice from the media freelancers, upon completion of agreed deliverables.

  3. Dispute Resolution
    If any disputes arise in relation to the provision of service by the media freelancers, reasonable efforts are made to resolve the dispute via negotiation and mediation first. Any agreement reached during negotiation and mediation will be recorded in a written settlement agreement and acknowledged by the parties involved.

  4. Insurance
    Where media freelancers are required to offer their services on set and/or location specified by the company, they are covered in the company’s insurance. A suitable liability coverage for the insurance are purchased to include:

    1. Production Equipment Insurance that covers equipment operated by media freelancers either owned by the company and/or rented to the company;
      1. Covers against all risks of direct physical loss, damage or destruction to equipment such as cameras, electrical communications, sound, lighting and grip equipment that are owned by or rented to the company.
    2. Commercial General Liability;
      1. Covers against claims for bodily injury (of other parties, e.g. passers-by who are injured by production equipment during production that was operated by media freelancers) or for property damage, liability arising during the production.
    3. Work-related Personal Accident insurance;
      1. Covers against claims for death, total and permanent disability and medical expenses due to work-related accidents for media freelancers.



A Media Freelancer is:

  1. A person who does not have a contract of service with an employer AND
  2. Operates his/her own media service business or trade* without hiring any employees; AND
  3. He/She negotiates his/her terms and benefits with clients, and it is clearly stated in the contract that it is his/her service as an individual that is being procured for all intents and purposes; AND
  4. He/ She can either operate as individuals; OR have an Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore (ACRA) - registered entity such as sole proprietorships, Limited Liability Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, Partnerships, and companies, where such entity does not hire any employees.

* media service business or trade includes design, development, production, operation, distribution, sale and/or marketing of media.