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Public Utilities Board


Pre-retirement Planning

Public Utilities Board (PUB) is the national water agency of Singapore responsible for the collection, production, distribution and reclamation of water in Singapore. From rainwater collection to used water treatment, the entire loop is managed by PUB which has over 3,000 employees, nearly 70% of whom are mature and older employees, including 27% who are above the age of 55.

Mature employees provide workforce stability. Re-employment of its employees, who have reached the statutory retirement age of 62, is one of the key sources of recruitment at PUB. With the support from PUB Employees’ Union (PUBEU), PUB re-employs retired employees who possess the required skills and competencies for the job vacancies to be filled. Employees may continue in the same job they were in prior to their retirement or be re-deployed to a new job with a different scope and different responsibilities, depending on the needs of the organisation.

As a responsible employer, PUB also co-developed with PUBEU and implemented the Transition Training Programme (TTP) for employees who will reach the compulsory retirement age within the next 10 to 12 years. Implemented in March 2007, the programme aims to better prepare its mature employees for employability and/or retirement well before they reach the compulsory retirement age. The programme consists of four modules and covers topics such as change management, managing one’s financial and other commitments, forward planning, acquiring of new life and trade skills and how these open up new career opportunities, and health management. Feedback from the participants has been very positive.

National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) and Public Service Division (PSD) have invited PUB to share its re-employment approaches with the public sector management and union.
“Employees at PUB have a sense of mission and fulfillment and they love to stay. Nearly 70% of our employees fall in the mature and older category. Interestingly, our attrition rate is as low as 3%. Our employees are productive and engaged. They are committed and provide workforce stability. Hence, we do not see age as an issue as long as the employees are able to perform their job well.”

Mr Lawrence Tan
Director Human Resources