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Royal Plaza on Scotts


Royal Plaza on Scotts, a 5-star hotel in Singapore, believes in creating a working environment that values individual employees and even urges them to enjoy their work. The hotel’s delivery standards, based on the acronym S.E.R.V.I.C.E., encompass the following values: Seamless, Empowered, Refreshing, Versatile, Individualised, Charming and Extraordinary.

A staunch believer in engaging employees, the management has conducted a training session to identify the vital areas of staff satisfaction. All department heads were committed to accept feedback positively and encouraged to find out ‘what happened’ rather than ‘who did it’. In addition, they made concerted efforts to explain to the staff the reasons for all decisions made.

Royal Plaza on Scotts also inspires its employees with a Life-Long Philosophy consisting of four simple principles: Be There, Play!, Make Their Day and Choose Your Attitude.

In Play!, employees are encouraged to have fun while at work. In Make Their Day, employees show their gratitude to colleagues who have made their day by writing little notes of thanks and then posting them on a notice board in the staff cafeteria.