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Royal Plaza on Scotts


The Royal Plaza on Scotts is a 5-star leading hotel in Singapore. With nearly 50% of its over 300 employees in the mature and older category, it has an impressive line-up of features which deliver the hotel’s promise of creating memorable experiences for Business travellers.

“The mature employees are valuable assets to the organisation as they are able to share their wealth of experience with the younger employees. The hotel taps on their expertise by pairing the mature employees with the younger generation of new hires to provide guidance and encourage cohesiveness.

The hotel also implemented a buddy system where a new mature employee is paired with a younger co-worker or vice versa to work together and learn from each other. For example, younger employees may learn from mature and older employees on how to handle difficult customers while guiding their older colleagues on the effective usage of technology at the workplace.”

Mr Patrick Fiat
General Manager
Royal Plaza on Scotts

While the hotel understands the importance of making money, it also knows how crucial it is for employees across all age groups to enjoy and find meaning in their work. The management strongly believes happy and engaged employees will take good care of their guests, and this will result in customer loyalty.

Royal Plaza on Scotts is equipping the workforce not just with related skills certification but also generic skill training, e.g. Microsoft Word, thus creating a culture of continual learning. In view of the changing workforce demographics, the hotel trained the managers of respective departments in managing a multi-generational workforce.