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Singapore Technologies Electronics Limited (ST Electronics)


Singapore Technologies Electronics Limited (ST Electronics), a leading electronics, information, communication, technologies (ICT) and systems integrator, has implemented a very robust recruitment process where a comprehensive set of interview questions has been developed and reviewed regularly to match against the company's core set of values — compassion, integrity, commitment, courage and diversity.

ST Electronics' hiring managers undergo a training programme on interview techniques and skills that focuses on a competency-based approach. They are trained on the right questions to ask during the interview which centres on the requirements of the job.

Potentially sensitive areas, such as information on age, national origin, race, religion, marital status to pregnancy and medical history are also highlighted to managers. Written guides are distributed to supplement the hirer's understanding of the types of questions that are considered appropriate (or inappropriate) to ask during the interview process. The topics posed to potential candidates cover job-related questions such as the candidate's ability to travel or work long hours to handling of heavy equipment.

Each recruitment advertisement also goes through a stringent vetting process to ensure that it is written in a non-discriminatory fashion. Recruitment documents such as the job application forms and interview assessment forms have been revised to exclude criteria that are not required in the hiring process.

ST Electronics' attention to their merit based recruitment process allows hiring managers to find the right person for the role.