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Treat working mothers fairly


Constance was on maternity leave when her employer handed out pay increments to all staff. When she returned to work, Constance was surprised to learn that she had been excluded from the pay increment as she had been placed on an ”inactive” status while on maternity leave. Constance approached her direct supervisor on the issue a few times but he was not prepared to intercede on her behalf.

Feeling desperate and at a loss, Constance contacted TAFEP. TAFEP advised her on how to see things from the firm’s perspective and how to reframe the issue in a way that made it easier for her employer to do the right thing. Constance subsequently approached her firm’s HR again who reviewed the issue and subsequently right-dated Constance’s pay increment.
"And finally, my patience and persistence paid off. I was informed yesterday by the local HR that the exceptional case was approved by the global HR team. Thank you very much for listening to my story and providing the assurance that I needed then."
Actual text from note of appreciation from “Constance”